• Depression

    “Insomnia Is Driving Me Crazy” – Insomnia and Suicidal Thoughts

    TW; Suicide. So, the time is 6am and I’ve barely slept a wink for 3 nights straight. On my first two sleepless nights I got up and read, watched TV and baked some cookies. Tonight I stayed in bed, crying from exhaustion, re-living my childhood traumas and stewing in self-loathing. Insomnia is driving me crazy tonight but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be. It went from being a minor inconvenience at 12 years old to the main aggravator of my raging depression at 13, filling night after night with panic attacks, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and perverted creeps. Of course, nobody took it seriously back then because…

  • Depression

    10 Reasons Why You Should Stay Alive Tonight

    I don’t know your life story, nor do I know your pain. What I do know though, is that your life is worth saving. There are so many reasons why you should stay alive even if you feel as though suicide is the only option. I was five years old when I lost one of my parents to suicide. Growing up I struggled with guilt, rejection, anger and heartbreak, driving myself mad with unanswered questions. Why did they do it? No, how could they do it, when I needed them most? Was I not enough? My parent’s suicide caused me a great deal of inner turmoil and spiralled me into…

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