• Self-Care

    20 Things To Do Instead Of Drinking Alcohol

    I know the feeling. It’s 6pm, the time you would normally open a bottle of wine after a long day. It’s the thing you’ve been waiting for ever since you got up, the only thing that’s made the last 8 hours of work/life bearable. Finding things to do instead of drinking has always been difficult for me. For a good few years I was completely alcohol dependent, to the point where ‘going to the pub’ was my only real hobby. Any other activity I did – watching a film, going out for dinner, reading a book – was completed with a glass in my hand. I found it difficult to…

  • Anxiety

    Social Anxiety and Alcohol; a Dangerous Cocktail

    While cannabis was the drug that really spiralled my social anxiety out of control, the initial trigger for me was alcohol. Using alcohol to cope with social anxiety can feel like the solution to all of your problems. All you want is to feel confident, uninhibited and interesting, which is exactly what alcohol provides. However, using alcohol to cope with social anxiety is an unhealthy coping mechanism that can quickly lead to addiction. 20% of social anxiety sufferers also have an alcohol addiction or dependency. My relationship with social anxiety and alcohol has been a turbulent one. Alcohol has significantly affected my mental health issues, from violently aggravating my borderline…

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