The Truth About BPD and Cheating

    Plenty of mentally-healthy people cheat — an estimated 40%, in fact — but the general consensus around BPD and cheating is that it is us, the unstable, toxic borderlines, who are the persistent offenders. After all, we are the ones who blow hot and cold, idealising you one minute and hating you the next. We are the ones who push you away at the slightest inconvenience, renowned for being impulsive, flighty and — let’s face it — promiscuous. Just do a quick Google search and you will see ‘engaging in risky sex or promiscuity’ on every list of symptoms. If that isn’t damming enough, you can stray onto sites like Reddit and read first-hand accounts of people who’ve…

  • BPD

    BPD and Long-Distance Relationships – Can They Work?

    BPD and long-distance relationships can be a very damaging mix. Why do I say this? Well, before my diagnosis, circumstances found me and my boyfriend of 2 years in a long-distance relationship (we’re talking opposite sides of the world long distance). I’d be lying if I said the relationship wasn’t already on the rocks, but it lasted less than two months before ending in disaster. “But all of your relationships have ended in disaster,” I hear you accuse. Touché. And yet, those two months of being in a long-distance relationship exasperated my BPD to the point where I was very, very ill. The breakdown of this relationship was actually the…

  • Borderline personality disorder breakup

    Going Through A Break-Up When You Have Borderline Personality Disorder

    Breakups suck. Breakups when you have borderline personality disorder doubly suck. I was lucky enough to find this out a few months ago when one of my very worst BPD fears came true and I got dumped. No, not dumped. Abandoned. At least that’s what the BPD told me. In the past, I never talked about my borderline personality disorder with friends or family because 1. they didn’t care, 2. they didn’t get it and 3. I didn’t care or get it either. In fact, I pretty much ignored it for a long time because it just didn’t make sense to me. That was until I couldn’t ignore it anymore.…

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