• Self-Care

    30 Things To Be Grateful For; A Gratitude List

    “I hate my life” “Nothing ever works out” “Everything sucks” Ah, the mantras of my youth. Until my early-twenties, I was an angsty, self-destructive pessimist who thought things like ‘mindfulness’ and ‘gratitude lists’ were just cheesy, cliched fads.  However, there came a point in my life where I decided that even pseudo-positivity had to be better than the crippling, soul-destroying, internal agony of BPD. So I said fuck it and, along with mindfulness, self-care routines and all the other things my edgy teenage self loathed, I wrote my first gratitude list. Much to 14-year-old me’s disgust, it did actually help. 1. True Friends They may be few and far between,…

  • BPD

    20 Journal Prompts for BPD

    Have you ever thought about using journaling to manage BPD? Don’t worry, even I was sceptical at first. I’ve filled countless diaries over the years and although it started off innocently enough, my teenage musings grew increasingly morbid. It got to the point where I gave up on diaries completely, convinced that writing down my depressing thoughts only made things worse. However, using journal prompts for BPD involves so much more than just scribbling down diary entries. While it can be used as a mind-dump for chaotic or overwhelming thoughts, journaling encourages you to write with purposeful intention as well as unfiltered emotion. Journaling is a well-known form of expressive…

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