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    “Insomnia Is Driving Me Crazy” – Insomnia and Suicidal Thoughts

    TW; Suicide. So, the time is 6am and I’ve barely slept a wink for 3 nights straight. On my first two sleepless nights I got up and read, watched TV and baked some cookies. Tonight I stayed in bed, crying from exhaustion, re-living my childhood traumas and stewing in self-loathing. Insomnia is driving me crazy tonight but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be. It went from being a minor inconvenience at 12 years old to the main aggravator of my raging depression at 13, filling night after night with panic attacks, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and perverted creeps. Of course, nobody took it seriously back then because…

  • Self-Care

    40 Things To Do When You’re Bored At Night

    If you are a chronic insomniac like me, finding new things to do when you’re bored at night becomes an almighty chore. There’s only so much Friends you can binge before Ross’s voice becomes intolerable. You’re all out of midnight snacks and scrolling through social media is so mind-numbingly boring that even your best friend’s posts start to irritate you eventually (seriously, another picture of your dinner?) Maybe you’re stressed about a job interview or exam. Maybe you suffer from depression and your brain is convinced that replaying all of your past mistakes is far more productive than a good night’s sleep. Maybe anxiety has you worrying inconsequentially about all…

  • Self-Care

    How To Beat Insomnia; 8 practical tips for a better sleep

    So. The time is currently 3.17am. I went to bed at around 12am and woke up about 2am. For the last hour I’ve been lying in bed trying desperately to get back to sleep because I have a busy day tomorrow and I really don’t need this right now, brain! A few years ago, a night like this one would have seen me staring at the ceiling for hours. I would entertain myself by replaying bad memories, overthinking about situations that hadn’t yet happened and contemplating whether my measly existence was worth anything in The Grand Scheme of Things. Not being able to get to sleep, (or in my case…

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