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    60 Mental Health Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

    If you haven’t started journaling for mental health yet, I think today is the perfect day to start! Journaling – or ‘expressive writing’ – is a writing therapy that is great for self-discovery, personal development and mental illness recovery. It’s a bit like keeping a diary, but rather than just mind-dumping your chaotic thoughts, journaling for mental health encourages you to write with intention and purpose. It promotes self-awareness, growth and discovery by allowing you to acknowledge your core beliefs, values, fears and more! If you have depression or anxiety, using mental health journal prompts will have a particularly positive effect on your mental health. Journaling has been scientifically proven…

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    Create Your Own Mental Health Self-Care Kit

    This post contains affiliate links – read my full disclaimer here. So, we’ve talked about how to create the ultimate self-care checklist and even brainstormed 70 self-care activities for you to fill it with! What we haven’t talked about yet though, is my favourite thing of all – creating a mental health self-care kit! Managing multiple mental health illnesses is, frankly, a pain in the ass. My mood can crash pretty quickly, and my desire to stick to any serious self-care goals usually crashes along with it. However, having a self-care kit handy is really low-effort and perfect for those really bad days. In short, my self-care kit is a…

  • 70 self-care ideas for a bad day

    70 Self-Care Ideas For a Bad Day

    So you’ve learnt how to create the ultimate self-care checklist, but what exactly should it consist of? If you need a little bit of inspiration for some activities to fit into your routine, then I have 70 self-care ideas for you! Because I suck at self-care and get bored easily, I find it handy to have a go-to list of self-care ideas. I like to switch things up every so often to give myself the illusion that my life is spontaneous and interesting. I think it works because the other day my friend asked me what I was up to instead of just assuming that I was playing The Sims…

  • How to create the ultimate self-care checklist

    How To Create The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist

    I know that practising daily self-care is important in the pursuit of mental wellness. I know that I’ll feel better overall if I ditch the coffee for water and do some meditation before bed. I know this – so why am I always so bad at doing it? I’m the kind of person who loves to create to-do lists under the guise of productivity. I like my lists to be pretty and colour-coordinated and jam-packed full of checkable activities. The trouble is that on my bad days, to-do lists stop being friendly, motivational cues and become harsh reminders of everything that I haven’t achieved. And then, when I don’t complete…

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