40 Things To Do When You’re Bored At Night

If you are a chronic insomniac like me, finding new things to do when you’re bored at night becomes an almighty chore.

There’s only so much Friends you can binge before Ross’s voice becomes intolerable. You’re all out of midnight snacks and scrolling through social media is so mind-numbingly boring that even your best friend’s posts start to irritate you eventually (seriously, another picture of your dinner?)

Maybe you’re stressed about a job interview or exam. Maybe you suffer from depression and your brain is convinced that replaying all of your past mistakes is far more productive than a good night’s sleep. Maybe anxiety has you worrying inconsequentially about all the things that could go wrong tomorrow. Or, maybe, you just couldn’t resist that late-afternoon latte.

Whatever the case, not being able to get to sleep when you need to be up early the next day is one of the most frustratingly maddening inconveniences in existence. And it’s a pretty common problem too – up to 31% of the population suffers from insomnia, with 22% having difficulty falling asleep every single night.

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There are lots of different things you can try to promote a better-quality sleep. However, this post is for those times where you’re wide awake, lonely as hell and so bored out of your goddamn mind that you’re slowly going insane.

Here are 50 fun and productive things to do when you’re bored at night – and none of them involve scrolling mindlessly through your Instagram newsfeed!

40 productive things to do when you just can't sleep! Beat insomnia and cure boredom with these tips - plus a free sleep tracker and insomnia worksheet!

Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored At Night:

1. Deep-clean your oven / fridge / microwave – If you’re like me and ‘I’ll do it later’ is the entirety of your deep-cleaning regime, try tackling at least one item when you’re bored at night.

2. Do your budgeting for the month ahead

3. Organise files on your computer – The experts will tell you that you should stay away from screens if you can’t sleep at night but let’s be honest – your laptop is probably the only reason you’ve managed to stay sane!

4. Write up your to-do lists – Planning is a great way of relieving stress and worry, making sleep much more attainable.

5. Iron your clothes for the next day

6. Do an online course – I love completing free online courses with FutureLearn, but Udemy is a great course provider if you have a bit of cash!

7. Do some meal prep – It can be as simple as making yourself a sandwich for your lunch tomorrow, to making a big batch of dinners for the next few days.

8. Give your laptop a clean – Your keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Just saying.

9. Learn a new languageDuolingo is a fun, productive and completely free way to learn a new language. It’s great for beginners and is pretty addictive so you should definitely give it a try if you’re looking to be super-productive on your sleepless nights.

10. Do your laundry

11. Improve your typing speed – Good typing speeds look great on your CV! I also find trying to improve my typing speed with Typing Test really addictive when I’m bored.

12. Start a blog – Check out this ultimate guide to starting a blog in 2020.

13. Organise your food cupboards – Look, organising has the benefit of being both lazily productive and sleep-inducingly tedious, which is why it is one of the best things to do when you’re bored at night!

14. Catch up on current events – instead of scrolling through Instagram, why not scroll through some news articles instead?

15. Tidy up your emails – I’ve had insomnia for over a decade and this one is STILL on my to-do list.

16. Have a big clothes sort out

17. Put together a self-care toolkit – Self-care toolkits are great for bad mental health days. Check out this guide on how to create the perfect self-care toolkit.

18. Back up your computer

19. Catch up on work or start that new project – I mean, you might as well, right?

Fun Things To Do When You’re Bored At Night

20. Take a personality test16 personalities is my favourite personality test. It was so spot-on that it opened my eyes to characteristics I was only subconsciously aware of! Go on a self-discovery journey and learn more about your personality.

21. Create/re-organise your music playlists – Delete the songs you always skip and make a playlist for every mood. Maybe even be adventurous and make a playlist full of new songs too.

22. Do something creative – Painting, drawing or creative writing are good outlets for your exhausted frustration. You could even try out some of these quick and easy crafts

23. Create a to-be-read book listsGoodreads is great for finding and reviewing new books to read.

24. Plan your next vacation

25. Delve deep into Netflix and find some hidden gems – Add a bunch of stuff to your watch list so that you’re always spoilt for choice!

26. Play a videogame – this one isn’t exactly insomnia-friendly, but it sure does cure boredom! I’m not a gamer so I usually just stick on The Sims and wreak havoc on the lives of my fictional families.

27. Listen to a podcast – podcasts are great because you don’t need to stare at a screen to enjoy them and they are slightly more engaging than music.

28. Pamper yourself with a facemask or moisturiser

29. Create a self-care checklist – Looking after your self-care needs is vital for your mental health but I bet you aren’t doing enough of it. Did you know that there are 5 different areas of self-care? Learn how to create the ultimate self-care checklist and add some of these 70 self-care ideas to get started!

30. Read a book – Books are great for passing the time. If you don’t want to switch a light on, kindles and audio-books are excellent alternatives.

31. Write in a journal – Journaling is incredibly beneficial for mental health as it provides you with an outlet for stressful emotions while encouraging you to be introspective and self-reflective. It can even help to calm your worries and promote sleep! Check out these 60 mental health journal prompts to get started.

32. Go to your garden and watch the stars

33. Look through old photos and reminisce about the good times

34. Paint your nails – I often can’t be bothered to paint my nails but when I do paint them, it’s at three in the morning.

35. Save some new recipes for you to try out later

36. Do a puzzle – Mind puzzles like sudoku, solitaire and online chess are great ways to exercise your brain into tiredness.

37. Meditate – Meditation and mindfulness are great ways to clear your mind of negative thoughts. They are especially good at getting you back to sleep if you’ve woken up in the night!

38. Do some stretching exercises

39. Do some fun quizzes – Dumb quizzes are one of my favourite things to do when I’m bored at night and Buzzfeed has a satisfyingly large collection of them!

40. Create a bucket list

40 things to do when you're bored at night - beat insomnia and bredom when you can't sleep

Hopefully this list will ensure that you never run out of things to do when you’re bored at night! Got any other suggestions? Please leave them in the comments down below. Also, be sure to check out my free sleep tracker and insomnia workbook.

I am a mental health blogger sharing my experiences with BPD, depression and anxiety. I have created this space of understanding and healing in order to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. I also offer lots of self-care tips to help you live your best life! Any advice I give is based off my personal experiences and should not be substituted for medical advice. You can read my full disclaimer by clicking the link in the footer.


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