25 Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

Positive affirmations are excellent at combatting anxiety whilst also practising self-love and compassion. They are short, positive statements about yourself and your life that you repeat daily.

Practising positive affirmations for anxiety relief and management can encourage positive thinking patterns and align your mindset with the person you want to be. They are especially effective against anxiety because they directly defend against negative thoughts and affirmations.

Negative affirmations work in almost exactly the same way as positive ones. Every time you think to yourself “I’m so stupid”, you’re using a negative affirmation. The more you say it, the more you start to believe it and the more willing you are to believe other negative affirmations. Subconsciously, your brain adopts this negative thinking pattern and your affirmations become core beliefs.

Negative affirmations have a huge impact on our self-confidence, identity and world perception.

We can use positive affirmations to directly counteract anxious thoughts. It’s important to remember that you alone have control over your thoughts and emotions. By practising daily positive affirmations, you gradually undo those negative thought patterns and create positive ones instead.

I’ve always been a pessimist, a ‘the cup’s half empty’ kind of gal, but I use positive affirmations for anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder every single day. I specifically want to focus on some positive affirmations for anxiety because I’ve found that they’ve helped this area of my mental health the most.

Here are at some of my favourite positive affirmations for anxiety management and control.

25 positive affirmations for anxiety

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

  1. I have the power to control my thoughts and emotions
  2. I am getting stronger every single day
  3. I am not in any danger, it’s just my mind playing tricks on me
  4. I can get through whatever life throws at me
  5. I accept myself for who I am
  6. I grow stronger every time I overcome my anxiety
  7. I am not defined by my disabilities
  8. With each breath, I become calmer, stronger and more confident
  9. I am stronger than this emotion
  10. I am in full control of my body
  11. I have lots of interesting things to say
  12. I am confident
  13. I can say what’s on my mind
  14. As long as I am happy, I don’t care what others think
  15. I am not afraid to make mistakes
  16. I can overcome any obstacle
  17. I focus on the good people in my life
  18. I am courageous
  19. I survived this feeling before, and I can do it again
  20. I love my uniqueness
  21. I am strong enough to face my fears
  22. I remain calm in stressful situations
  23. I am proud of myself
  24. I am not worried by things I can’t control
  25. I believe in myself and my abilities

The Best Way To Practise Positive Affirmations

Use Present Tense – It’s instinctive to phrase positive affirmations in future tense because, well, I don’t feel relaxed and beautiful right now, do I? See that’s the thing – when we phrase affirmations in the future tense, we’re constantly reminding our brains of this negative thought. By using present-tense, we are proudly declaring that “I am beautiful” is the reality we confirm. It is a much more powerful way to alter your mindset.

Stick with the positive – try to avoid using ‘can’t’ or ‘not’.

Make them short and sweet – You want to be able to recite your positive affirmations at times of stress, so making them short will mean they’re easier to remember.

Say them out loud in the mirror – Confronting your insecurities in such a direct way really speeds up your progress.
I really struggled with this at first. I had particular problems with saying “I love myself” and “I am happy” because it felt like such a lie. Some days I felt almost like I physically couldn’t say it, which really opened my eyes to just how unhappy I was with myself.

Since adding daily positive affirmations to my self-care routine, I have gained so much more control over my anxious thoughts and emotions. Panic attacks are so much rarer now because I can calm myself down in high-anxiety situations. It has also taught me how to stop caring so much about what people think because its boosted my confidence and made me so much more invested in the only person that really matters – me!

I hope you liked my suggestions! If you have any other positive affirmations for anxiety, please leave them in the comments below. I’d love to hear them!

I am a mental health blogger sharing my experiences with BPD, depression and anxiety. I have created this space of understanding and healing in order to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. I also offer lots of self-care tips to help you live your best life! Any advice I give is based off my personal experiences and should not be substituted for medical advice. You can read my full disclaimer by clicking the link in the footer.


  • Cassie

    I Love your Stuff! I’m a recovering addict and I have PTSD Depression, Anxiety and several other diagnosis. Your readings really helps me. Keep up the great work you really make a change in people’s lives! Thanks abunch 🥰

    • Kia

      Hi Cassie, thank you so much for your lovely comment! My goal is to help and support people in any way I can, so I’m really glad that I’m doing just that! Much love ❤️

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