BPD and Long-Distance Relationships – Can They Work?

    BPD and long-distance relationships can be a very damaging mix. Why do I say this? Well, before my diagnosis, circumstances found me and my boyfriend of 2 years in a long-distance relationship (we’re talking opposite sides of the world long distance). I’d be lying if I said the relationship wasn’t already on the rocks, but it lasted less than two months before ending in disaster. “But all of your relationships have ended in disaster,” I hear you accuse. Touché. And yet, those two months of being in a long-distance relationship exasperated my BPD to the point where I was very, very ill. The breakdown of this relationship was actually the…

  • Borderline personality disorder breakup

    Going Through A Break-Up When You Have Borderline Personality Disorder

    Breakups suck. Breakups when you have borderline personality disorder doubly suck. I was lucky enough to find this out a few months ago when one of my very worst BPD fears came true and I got dumped. No, not dumped. Abandoned. At least that’s what the BPD told me. In the past, I never talked about my borderline personality disorder with friends or family because 1. they didn’t care, 2. they didn’t get it and 3. I didn’t care or get it either. In fact, I pretty much ignored it for a long time because it just didn’t make sense to me. That was until I couldn’t ignore it anymore.…

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