Confessions of a Borderline Personality; The Worst Things About Living With BPD

    Living with borderline personality disorder (BPD) is kind of like being stuck in a wild, treacherous ocean. Our emotions are like violent waves always threatening to engulf us and our fears are sinister, circling sharks. The only salvation we have is a raft that keeps sailing away from us even though we’re doing everything we can to keep it in our grasp. Also, we can’t swim, so we’re kinda drowning. Constantly. Living with BPD every day is so mentally draining that sometimes I just need to vent about how much I hate it. I experience new struggles and setbacks all the time so there’s always something new for me to…

  • Depression

    How To Stop Negative Thoughts – Depression and Negative Thinking

    I used to be a chronic overthinker. It used to be that the slightest thing would set me off, from an unpleasant memory to an unchecked box on my to-do-list. From constructive criticsm to a potentially snide comment. All it would take is something mildly unpleasant for my mind to spiral down a rabbit hole of my worst flaws, my past mistakes, all the opportunities I’d missed and every embarrassing moment I’d ever had. The worst thing about it was that it all seemed to happen subconsciously. By the time I became aware of just how unhealthy my thought patterns had become, I had full-blown depression and felt like my…

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    60 Mental Health Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

    If you haven’t started journaling yet, I think today is the perfect day to start! Journaling – or ‘expressive writing’ – is a writing therapy that is great for personal development, self-discovery and relief of troubled thoughts. It’s a bit like keeping a diary, but rather than just mind-dumping your chaotic thoughts onto the page, journaling encourages you to write with intention and purpose. It promotes self-awareness, self-growth and self-discovery by allowing you to acknowledge your core beliefs, values, fears and more! If you have depression or anxiety, journaling using mental health journal prompts will have a particularly positive effect on your mental health. Journaling has been scientifically proven to…

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    7 Bad Habits That Make Depression Worse

    So I’m no mental health expert or conqueror of depression, but if there’s one thing I know really well, it’s how to develop a bunch of bad habits that totally wreck my mental health 😂 Luckily though, I’ve gotten pretty good at breaking them too! It’s extremely easy to find yourself slipping into bad habits that make depression worse. Not because you’re weak-willed, but because depression is so mentally-debilitating that sometimes it’s an effort to just survive, let alone practise self-care and positive coping mechanisms. There were times during my worst depressive episodes that I could do nothing but lie in bed and fall down a hole of negative thoughts…

  • Anxiety

    Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

    Positive affirmations are excellent at combatting anxiety whilst also practising self-love and compassion. They are short, positive statements about yourself and your life that you repeat daily. Practising positive affirmations for anxiety relief and management can encourage positive thinking patterns and align your mindset with the person you want to be. They are especially effective against anxiety because they directly defend against negative thoughts and affirmations. Negative affirmations work in almost exactly the same way as positive ones. Every time you think to yourself “I’m so stupid”, you’re using a negative affirmation. The more you say it, the more you start to believe it and the more willing you are…

  • How to stop caring about what people think

    Overcoming Social Anxiety – How To Stop Caring What People Think

    “The key to a good life is not giving a fuck about more; it’s giving a fuck about less, giving a fuck about only what is true and immediate and important” Mark Manson So I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I’ve stopped caring so much about what people think of me. And let me tell you – it feels fantastic! Of course, nobody knows how to stop caring about other people’s opinions entirely. That’s because humans are innately social beings with a primitive need for approval and acceptance. Everyone has deep-cleaned their house before a guest arrives only to tell them “sorry about the mess” as soon…

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    My Self-Care Toolkit; 16 Self-Care Toolkit Ideas

    As you can probably tell, I’ve been on a bit of a self-care binge recently. This sudden investment into my mental health comes partly from the boredom of being stuck in quarantine, and partly because the quarantine has made it an absolute necessity for me to practise more self-care. The other day I talked about how I created the ultimate self-care checklist, and how having a list of daily/weekly self-care goals helps me stay focused and mentally balanced. I even have 70 self-care activity ideas in case I want to switch things up. However, with self-isolation comes a few more down days, and there are times I feel so out of it that…

  • Borderline personality disorder breakup

    Going Through A Break-Up When You Have Borderline Personality Disorder

    Breakups suck. Breakups when you have borderline personality disorder doubly suck. I was lucky enough to find this out a few months ago when one of my very worst BPD fears came true and I got dumped. No, not dumped. Abandoned. At least that’s what the BPD told me. In the past, I never talked about my borderline personality disorder with friends or family because 1. they didn’t care, 2. they didn’t get it and 3. I didn’t care or get it either. In fact, I pretty much ignored it for a long time because it just didn’t make sense to me. That was until I couldn’t ignore it anymore.…

  • 70 self-care ideas for a bad day

    70 Self-Care Ideas For a Bad Day

    So you’ve learnt how to create the ultimate self-care checklist, but what exactly should it consist of? If you need a little bit of inspiration for some activities to fit into your routine, then I have 70 self-care ideas for you! Because I suck at self-care and get bored easily, I find it handy to have a go-to list of self-care ideas. I like to switch things up every so often to give myself the illusion that my life is spontaneous and interesting. I think it works because the other day my friend asked me what I was up to instead of just assuming that I was playing The Sims…

  • How to create the ultimate self-care checklist

    How To Create The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist

    This post contains affiliate links. I know that practising daily self-care is important in the pursuit of mental wellness. I know that I’ll feel better overall if I ditch the coffee for water and do some meditation before bed. I know this – so why am I always so bad at doing it? I’m the kind of person who loves to create to-do lists under the guise of productivity. I like my lists to be pretty and colour-coordinated and jam-packed full of checkable activities. The trouble is that on my bad days, to-do lists stop being friendly, motivational cues and become harsh reminders of everything that I haven’t achieved. And…