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    Overcome Social Anxiety With This Social Anxiety Challenge

    So, the whole quarantine thing really came at a pivotal time for me in terms of my social anxiety. Four months before it happened, I made the totally rushed and nonsensical decision to go to Australia and do the whole backpacking-hostel-party-life thing. Yes, me. In a hostel. With people. Constantly. I’m not going to lie, I kind of hated every dread-filled, anxiety-inducing second. At the same time, it also taught me a bunch of important life-lessons and did absolute wonders for my social anxiety. I still didn’t particularly enjoy being around a bunch of people day-in-day-out with no room to breathe – but I was definitely getting used to it.…

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    My Guide To Managing Multiple Mental Illnesses

    I’ve been managing multiple mental health illnesses ever since I was a teenager. My borderline personality disorder has been there ever since I can remember, lurking in the shadows and silently poisoning every aspect of my life. My depression was the first to be diagnosed though, obtrusive waves of sadness that turned into debilitating, suicidal despair. The anxiety came later, disguised as introversion until I tried to cure it with recreational drugs. Every single day, depression, anxiety and BPD try their best to inconvenience me into a mental breakdown. Managing multiple mental illnesses is hard. Like, really hard. For the first 10+ years of my mental health journey, I was…

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    Social Anxiety and Alcohol; a Dangerous Cocktail

    While cannabis was the drug that really spiralled my social anxiety out of control, the initial trigger for me was alcohol. Using alcohol to cope with social anxiety can feel like the solution to all of your problems. All you want is to feel confident, uninhibited and interesting, which is exactly what alcohol provides. However, using alcohol to cope with social anxiety is an unhealthy coping mechanism that can quickly lead to addiction. 20% of social anxiety sufferers also have an alcohol addiction or dependency. My relationship with social anxiety and alcohol has been a turbulent one. Alcohol has significantly affected my mental health issues, from violently aggravating my borderline…

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    Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

    Positive affirmations are excellent at combatting anxiety whilst also practising self-love and compassion. They are short, positive statements about yourself and your life that you repeat daily. Practising positive affirmations for anxiety relief and management can encourage positive thinking patterns and align your mindset with the person you want to be. They are especially effective against anxiety because they directly defend against negative thoughts and affirmations. Negative affirmations work in almost exactly the same way as positive ones. Every time you think to yourself “I’m so stupid”, you’re using a negative affirmation. The more you say it, the more you start to believe it and the more willing you are…

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    Overcoming Social Anxiety – How To Stop Caring What People Think

    “The key to a good life is not giving a fuck about more; it’s giving a fuck about less, giving a fuck about only what is true and immediate and important” Mark Manson So I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I’ve stopped caring so much about what people think of me. And let me tell you – it feels fantastic! Of course, nobody knows how to stop caring about other people’s opinions entirely. That’s because humans are innately social beings with a primitive need for approval and acceptance. Everyone has deep-cleaned their house before a guest arrives only to tell them “sorry about the mess” as soon…

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    The 10 Worst Things About Social Anxiety

    Having social anxiety is a pain in the ass. Half of me would kill to be able to socialise normally like everybody else. The other half of me wants to just move to the middle of nowhere and live out my days in blissful social isolation. Even though my social anxiety is so much better now that I’ve learnt how to stop caring so much about what people think, I still have my bad days. In a way, I’m grateful for them because having those sporadic moments of anxiety really makes me aware of just how far I’ve come – and how important it is to continue fighting. On the…