An archive of articles to help you cope with, manage and recover from depression.

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    My Guide To Managing Multiple Mental Illnesses

    I’ve been managing multiple mental health illnesses ever since I was a teenager. My borderline personality disorder has been there ever since I can remember, lurking in the shadows and silently poisoning every aspect of my life. My depression was the first to be diagnosed though, obtrusive waves of sadness that turned into debilitating, suicidal despair. The anxiety came later, disguised as introversion until I tried to cure it with recreational drugs. Every single day, depression, anxiety and BPD try their best to inconvenience me into a mental breakdown. Managing multiple mental illnesses is hard. Like, really hard. For the first 10+ years of my mental health journey, I was…

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    How To Stop Negative Thoughts – Depression and Negative Thinking

    I used to be a chronic overthinker. It used to be that the slightest thing would set me off, from an unpleasant memory to an unchecked box on my to-do-list. From constructive criticsm to a potentially snide comment. All it would take is something mildly unpleasant for my mind to spiral down a rabbit hole of my worst flaws, my past mistakes, all the opportunities I’d missed and every embarrassing moment I’d ever had. The worst thing about it was that it all seemed to happen subconsciously. By the time I became aware of just how unhealthy my thought patterns had become, I had full-blown depression and felt like my…

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    7 Bad Habits That Make Depression Worse

    So I’m no mental health expert or conqueror of depression, but if there’s one thing I know really well, it’s how to develop a bunch of bad habits that totally wreck my mental health 😂 Luckily though, I’ve gotten pretty good at breaking them too! It’s extremely easy to find yourself slipping into bad habits that make depression worse. Not because you’re weak-willed, but because depression is so mentally-debilitating that sometimes it’s an effort to just survive, let alone practise self-care and positive coping mechanisms. There were times during my worst depressive episodes that I could do nothing but lie in bed and fall down a hole of negative thoughts…

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    What I Wish I’d Known About Post-University Depression

    Post-university depression almost feels like a taboo subject because graduating is meant to be one of the greatest achievements of your life, right? I mean, you’ve finally scraped that 2.1! You’re done with the mind-numbing lectures, the sleepless nights and the anxiety-inducing exams. You’re completely unrestrained by the education system for the first time in your life – you’re supposed to feel free, right? You’re supposed to feel empowered. So why do you feel as though you have a case of post-university blues? I came out of university feeling as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was so sick of studying and living the ‘university life’…

  • Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

    Are These Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms Damaging Your Mental Health?

    I’ve talked before about bad habits that damage your mental health, but unhealthy coping mechanisms are a little bit different. While they can also develop into habits, unhealthy coping mechanisms are often a lot more addictive and can be severely detrimental to both our mental and physical health. Having resorted to pretty much every destructive coping strategy at some point, I have way too much experience with the negative effects that they have on mental health. It started once I hit my late teens. By this point, I’d been going to therapy for years but because there was still “absolutely nothing wrong with me“, it wasn’t really working out. Back…

  • How to kick depression's ass on a daily basis

    Healthy Habits For Fighting Depression – Kick Depression’s Ass On A Daily Basis

    Fighting depression is a daily struggle. But it’s a struggle you’ve won every single day. So far, you have made it through 100% of your worst days and that’s something to be proud of! Fighting depression makes you incredibly resilient. Every single day you are at the mercy of your inner demons and every single day you beat them just by waking up in the morning and goddamn surviving until it’s finally bedtime. Sometimes though, there are days where the depression just pulls you under – and those days can easily turn into weeks, which can turn into months. Fighting depression is exhausting and it’s easy to resort to bad…